Nuclear Power


Nuclear power, one of the cleanest energy sources, has advantages such as high efficiency and low environmental impact. Therefore, nuclear power generation has a long term developmental outlook. As the key equipment in nuclear power station systems, the safety, sealing, anti-corrosive performance, and reliability of nuclear valves have a crucial effect to the system. Nuclear power stations include conventional & nuclear islands. Accordingly, valves can be classified as nuclear class 1,2,3, or non-nuclear. Neway has an extensive production range of nuclear valves and has is qualified by NNSA with nuclear class 2,3 and ASME N&NPT certificates with nuclear 1,2, and 3. Neway is in cooperation with Nuclear EPC companies like CGN and Areva on both China and international nuclear power station projects. Neway is a leading manufacturer of nuclear valves for new generation technology of EPR, AP1000, and HuaLong#1.

Main Projects:

● EDF NNB  UK HPC Project_UK

● CGN  Fangchenggang Project_China

● CGN  Taishan Project_China

● CZEC Pakistan K2-K3 Project_Pakistan

● ITER CWS Cooling Water System Project_France

● CNNC Tianwan 5&6 Project_Taiwan

● CNNC Fuqing 5&6 Project_China

● CGN Hongyanhe Project_China

● Framatome KOREA CFVS Venting Project

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