Subsea Systems

Offshore exploration and production started from wells drilled on the seabed in shallow waters like the European North Sea, Caspian & Mediterranean Seas, including the Persian Gulf.

With progressive development of technology deep water exploration in the Gulf of Mexico, Brasil, West Africa and other locations worldwide became possible and now constitutes one of the most critical O&G applications.

Neway’s Subsea R&D department develops and qualifies ball & gate valves including relevant operators to the most demanding standards from international organizations and specialized EPC’s.

Neway obtained API 6DSS monogram first in China, supplemented by API 6A and API 17D.

State of the art technology for cladding & hard-facing and first class suppliers of strategic components & raw materials together with accurate machining and severe NDE permit Neway to provide performant & reliable subsea valves. In house large hyperbaric chamber, rated to 3000m water depth, and climatic facility, for low and high temperature exposure, permits us to develop and qualify our equipment in accordance with PR2 endurance testing procedures.

Main Projects:

● CNOOC WC9-2/9-3/10-3 Project _China

● CNOOC Bo Nan Region Gas Recovery (Phase 2) Project _China

● Consorcio Terminales Mollobamba Project _China

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