Polycrystalline silicon is a kind of high purity silicon material, with high stability, high conductivity and low resistivity, etc., which is widely used in solar cells, semiconductors, chemical industry catalysts and other industries. Neway has successfully achieved product breakthroughs and import substitution in high-purity polysilicon and ultra-pure polysilicon, involving the Siemens process, fluidized bed process with Silane and other processes. Also supply hard sealed ball valves, high-temperature ball valves and other special valves for cold hydrogenation, silica powder separation, distillation, reduction furnace, adsorption tower and other devices. At the same time, we develop rotating disc valves for polysilicon industry devices and other powder devices. We also develop a polysilicon valve design quality control outline, especially control the production and design process of polysilicon valves to ensure product reliability.

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