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Power & Electricity World Asia 2015


Our aim for the exhibition is to create the market awareness by and large, in order to reach out to the target market as quick as possible by introducing Neway as one of theirs alternative source of  choice of product range to be used in the Power Generating Plants within the South East Asia region and beyond.

Along with our corporate business expansionary vision, Neway seeks improvement through our continuing investment and concerted effort in the Research and Development, we are disseminating the messages across to the target market that we are now coming here to serve you  best, not just in terms of our highest quality of client services with on time delivery, but also of our zero defect manufacturing program with internationally acceptable stringent quality.

Neway skillfully leverage the advantages of the example on our success story through the platform of information of exchange at the personal dialogue with the potential customers during the exhibition. The exhibition is seemed acting like a bridge that bridge across the gap of Neway relationship with the customers and eventually we are now closer to the customers than before.